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Quantum Marketing appointed as Champagne Lane's Timeshare Sales Agents

Dear Owners,

We have recently been appointed by your directors to take on the sales and marketing of the timeshare weeks for Champagne Lane.

We have been actively involved in the Holiday Ownership Industry as a company since the late 1980.s and we are very well versed in all aspects of the different products and services in the industry.

There is in my opinion a definite resurgence in interest in conventional timesharing. The need for actual ownership of a specific unit and week at a particular resort is very much on the increase as is clear in the USA where timeshare sales are increasing year on year. In addition to this, the varied options of exchange companies have never been greater, giving the timeshare owner the ability to exchange to anyone of 4000 destinations, an incredible value proposition considering the value of the rand against foreign currencies.

Our mandate from your directors is clear. Put Champagne Lane and its timeshare weeks on the map, in the forefront of the consumers’ minds. Attract younger families who up until now have not been directly exposed to pure timesharing.

This will have a two-fold effect, one being to eventually increase the resale value of your timeshare weeks and secondly to ensure that Champagne Valley prospers and grows.

We will be working closely with your dedicated Management Team, and we will have a highly experienced couple on site to advise you on all your Timeshare needs.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of our Timeshare Families when you visit your resort and we are only a call or email away to assist you.

Kind regards,

On Site Agent: Wilma and Johan : 079 265 3864



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