Out of Season (minimum 2-night stay)

Weekend Rates (Fri pm - Mon am)

Luxury 8 Sleeper R2400

Standard 8 Sleeper R2100

Standard 6 Sleeper R1600

Rondavel R350 per person

Out of Season (minimum 2-night stay)

Week Rates (Mon pm - Fr am)

Luxury 8 Sleeper R2100

Standard 8 Sleeper R1800

Standard 6 Sleeper R1400

Rondavel R350 per person

In Season (minimum 7- night stay)

Luxury 8 Sleeper R2700

Standard 8 Sleeper R2400

Standard 6 Sleeper R1800

Rondavel R500 per person

Per Head Rate (out of season only)

Luxury 8 Sleeper R500

Standard 8 Sleeper R500

Standard 6 Sleeper R500

Rondavel R350

Children R350

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